Advisory Group


Debabrata Dey / Co-Founder

Deb is one of the co-founders of ProCogia, contributing his years of experience in teaching, research, writing, and consulting in information systems and business analytics.

He is the Marion B. Ingersoll Professor of Information Systems at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington. Prior to joining Foster, he was a faculty member at Louisiana State University. Deb received his PhD in Information Systems from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester in 1994.

Outside of the office, Deb is avid theater enthusiast. He has been writing, directing and acting in Bengali plays for over three decades.


Gabe Hanzeli / Advisor

Gabe is an advisor to ProCogia and a retired Boeing IT executive. He was a Director of a number of operations at Boeing, including Corporate Network Operations, the Corporate IT Help Center, Commercial Airplanes Spares Information Systems, Commercial Airplanes Technical Services, Commercial Airplanes Technical Customer Support, and IT Enterprise Architecture.  

Gabe graduated with honors from the University of Washington with a BA in Economics, and has attended INSEAD’s Executive Advanced Management Program.

He currently holds community leadership roles with the UW Economics Visiting Committee Executive Council, the UW Business School Masters of IS Advisory Board, and the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to being an active soccer player, he is President of the Greater Seattle Soccer League. 

Daniel Rossi.jpg

Daniel Rossi / Advisor

Daniel is an advisor to ProCogia. He is the Chief Business Officer of GeekWire, an independent technology news site and online community based in Seattle. He previously served as the Executive Director of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network.

Daniel received his MBA from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, where he and his partner won the 2009 Business Plan Competition for their startup, Nanocel. They were also named Innovators of the Year by Seattle Business Magazine.

Daniel enjoys mystery novels, caper movies, soccer, and gourmet BBQ. 

Meharpratap Singh.jpg

Mehar Pratap Singh

Mehar divides his time between our corporate headquarters in Vancouver, BC, and our Seattle office. Among his priorities is marshalling the diverse talents at ProCogia to expand the possibilities of data science to give our clients unbeatable competitive advantages.  

Mehar previously was a data science consultant at T-Mobile, Microsoft, and several start-up ventures in Seattle.  

He holds an MBA from the University of Washington and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. 

Mehar’s favorite party trick is to recite the entire Chemical Periodic Table from memory. He is also an avid basketball player and loves following the NBA.   


Gagandeep Singh / Data Scientist

Gagandeep is a Data Scientist with Procogia and has been working with the firm for over two years. He holds a master’s degree in information management from University of Washington, Seattle with a specialization in Data Science and Analytics. He joined the firm right after graduation and has consulted with different clients in domains like telecommunications, specialty retail, foster care and more. 

His responsibilities include providing project managerial leadership for various data science engagements, work with the sales team to engage with potential new clients and develop collaborations with industry partners. With his vast experience in data science consulting, he has gathered a diverse skillset which enables him to deliver a project from initial proof of value to final deployment in production.

With the little time left after work, he likes to read and explore the Pacific Northwest. He also volunteers with non-profit organizations to give back to the community.  

Jasman Jit Singh.png

Jasman Jit Singh / Data Analytics Consultant

Jasman is a Data Analytics Consultant who combines his expertise in Business Intelligence and management consulting to help ProCogia’s clients discover meaningful insights and make better executive decisions. He earned a Masters in Finance from Brandeis University with a focus on Big Data Analytics. 

Prior to joining ProCogia, Jasman consulted to the financial services industry doing credit risk modelling, product risk analysis and project management. His experience also includes portfolio analytics and re-balancing, and financial due diligence. 

Jasman’s recreational interests include golf, exploring the Pacific Northwest outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.


John Felde / Data Scientist

John is a Data Scientist with ProCogia, currently consulting for T-Mobile. He earned his PhD in physics from the University of California, Davis. His passion for data science and machine learning helps him deliver impactful solutions to client needs.

John's previous experience in experimental particle physics formed the foundation for developing the necessary skills to wrangle and analyze large datasets. This work also provided John the opportunity to travel extensively, including a trip to the Geographic South Pole in Antarctica.

John's hobbies include soccer, outdoor sports, and spending time with his family. He is eager to share these hobbies with his young son.


Amanda Bowers / Data Scientist

Amanda is a data scientist with Procogia, currently consulting for T-mobile. She earned her Master's Degree in Physics from the University of Hawaii - Manoa and is passionate about scientific computing and machine learning.

Amanda's previous experience in experimental nanophysics taught her how to focus her curiosities of scientific wonders toward a practical skill-set needed to solve Big Data challenges. She is passionate about learning and brings this passion to every new data science project.

Year-round, Amanda enjoys being outdoors. From snowboarding to hiking to soccer, Amanda partakes in a variety of sports and physical activities. 

akbaralichabuksavar (1).jpg

Akbar Ali Chabuk Savar / Data Scientist

Akbar is one of our Data Scientists at ProCogia. Starting as a Data Science Intern here, he chose to continue as a full-time Data Scientist to advance his knowledge and experience. Akbar completed his M.S. in Data Science and Analytics from University of Oklahoma after earning his undergraduate degree in Computer Science in Hyderabad, India.

Akbar works on various projects such as data preparation, applying Machine Learning algorithms and creating dashboards on Tableau. He excels in Database Managament language, such as SQL, with a profound understanding of Machine Learning algorithms and Cognitive Science. 

Being a member of his college cricket team, Akbar continues his love for the game when he is out of the office. He also enjoys playing basketball and exploring new restaurants. 


Huijae Kim / Data Scientist

Huijae is a Data Scientist with ProCogia, currently consulting for T-Mobile. He earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. He is passionate about data science and algorithm development using machine learning to provide insights from data.

Huijae previously worked as an Algorithm Development Engineer doing experiment design, machine learning algorithm development, signal processing, and project management. He gathered data science skills from working on development of early-stage prototype to delivering final products. 

Huijae enjoys camping, watching movies and spending time with his wife and young daughter. He has a dream to launch an amazing idea on a crowd funding platform that could benefit others one day.