As a Certified Partner of RStudio, ProCogia excels in building and deploying the entire RStudio product suite in an automated fashion. We are the only partner who has built an in-house mechanism to integrate RStudio products in the organization’s existing automation capability.

ProCogia provides a JupyterHub solution that seamlessly integrates with existing production environments and helps data scientists to build, test, and deploy models at scale. It also communicates with popular visualization platforms, code-sharing platforms, and big data processing technologies—providing a next-level analytical platform.


Move your Data Science to scale!

We thrive on work that helps our clients build highly scalable data science solutions. A major obstacle to moving proof-of-value statistical models into enterprise-level service is the lack of a production platform that can support automated model development and deployment. ProCogia has designed an advanced analytical platform that excels in pushing analytic projects to success.

This solution bridges the gap between data science and DevOps—it brings access to the computing prowess of a cloud platform closer to data science developers. It seamlessly merges with an enterprise’s existing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline, making it easier to support analytics initiatives. It successfully works with all popular automation technologies including Terraform, Ansible, and Puppet. The development can be scaled to use cloud computing platforms like Kubernetes. This solution can be implemented on premise or in the Cloud with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. It integrates with popular code sharing platforms like Jira and GitHub, with enterprise visualization tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik, and with databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, and Oracle. 

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