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ProCogia performed a prescriptive impact analysis of digital assets to help a major retailer optimize customer engagement.

A leading outdoor-recreational-equipment retailer added digital assets to its online customer journey, and enlisted ProCogia to design a system to measure the impact of these assets. 

ProCogia mapped the customer journey, developed engagement criteria, comparative analytics, and statistical summaries that led to greater insight into how the new digital assets performed. This helped the company refine its digital assets to increase engagement and make highly informed decisions about future asset development. 


A major US outdoor-recreational-equipment retailer lacked a system for measuring the impact of its new Expert Advice and blog sections on the customer journey. The company’s digital team enlisted ProCogia to develop solutions to quantify customer engagement and optimize these resources.


  • Map the customers’ digital journey and develop criteria to define a “user session” on the retailer’s website, considering multiple factors including turnaround time and whether the customer made a purchase during that session.
  • Build a digital data model using inputs from multiple streams and databases to establish a single analytical platform.
  • Develop statistical summaries of these user sessions for multiple windows of 5 days, 10 days, 15 days etc. during the year, and comprehensive analytical reports in a format that is understandable and meaningful to all client stakeholders.
  • Compare and contrast the engagement of users in sessions with the new digital assets against those of other digital customers, and conduct an impact analysis on behavioral variables such as customer spend, time spent on the site, pages visited, etc.


  • The client is now able to understand how their new digital assets perform and affect user engagement across their digital landscape.
  • This insight has informed the development of future assets to optimize customer engagement.
  • The approach has established a reliable foundation for future digital-path analysis.


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This project exemplifies the Diagnosis component of the ProCogia IDOP framework. a holistic methodology that applies business, technical and mathematical expertise to your company’s various data elements. Learn more