ProCogia hits the ground running with flexible, cost-effective engagement options.


ProCogia 3DFW™ ensures on-time, end-to-end project delivery.

3DFW™ is ProCogia’s delivery platform, refined through our experience with complex engagements with leading companies across multiple industries. For both long- and short-term projects, ProCogia 3DFW™ marshals the unrivaled expertise of our global team of specialists and partners who collaborate through proven, technology-agnostic processes, tools, and architecture.

Rely on ProCogia for:

  • Maximum project tracking and accountability
  • Deployment of the best tools, technologies and metrics to achieve your objectives
  • On-time execution and continuous improvements through a battle-tested delivery architecture

Project-Based Assistance

  • Delivers cost-effective ad-hoc support for limited project engagements
  • Provides you with specific ProCogia expertise to accomplish short-term objectives
  • Resolves your temporary resource constraints, and lets you evaluate ProCogia’s capabilities for potential longer-term engagements

Ongoing Staff Augmentation

  • Scale your current team with highly experienced data analytics talent without adding employees
  • Extend your team’s capabilities through an efficient global delivery model
  • Achieve optimal efficiency with a hybrid of onsite and offsite engagement, depending on your needs, budget, and requirements for global implementation