INFORMS – Pacific Northwest Chapter

The mission is to promote and advance the theory and practice of Analytics, Operations Research and the Management Sciences in the Pacific Northwest. The Chapter invites speakers from both industry and academia on a regular basis in an effort to share knowledge and experiences to foster networking. 

Seattle useR Group

One of the major strengths of R is the community-based nature of the project. From the original development to current maintenance and development, R is maintained by a growing community of members. This community is what we seek to foster with this group. The Seattle Area R Users Group is committed to bringing together local R users to exchange knowledge and information in an informal setting in the hopes of creating new ideas and directions for users. 



INFORMS Annual conference in Seattle

The 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to connect and network with the more than 6,000 INFORMS members, students, prospective employers and employees, and academic and industry experts who compose the INFORMS community. Listen to intriguing plenary and semi-plenary presentations, panel discussions, tutorials, and some of the thousands of oral and poster presentations.


Seattle DataFest 2019

A user community event which will feature products around Big Data, IOT and AI & ML Services on Azure. It will provide a foundation for architecting and solidifying your Data Platform and AI strategy.



RStudio Conference in San Francisco

rstudio::conf 2020 is all things R & RStudio! Whether you’re a dedicated R user or one of the many people and teams who use RStudio with R and Python, join us in San Francisco, California from Monday, January 27 thru Thursday, January 30 to become better at data science - and have some fun along the way!