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ProCogia’s data analysis strategy helped a leading nonprofit fulfill their mission of reducing the need for child foster care.

Casey Family Programs (Casey) is a leading non-profit organization whose mission is to provide, improve, and, ultimately, prevent the need for foster care.

Casey enlisted ProCogia to expand and enhance their data analytics capability to help them achieve five key outcomes: decrease exits to entry ratio, decrease maltreatment recurrence, decrease re-entry into foster care, increase permanency within 2 years, decrease fatalities while in foster care.


  • Casey’s current technologies were inadequate for implementing a robust data science project

  • Their data warehousing resources were out of date and unqualified for performing data science projects

  • As is common within the nonprofit sector, the organization’s leadership had limited experience with and understanding of data science, and its potential for helping them achieve their objectives


  • Conducted interviews with Casey’s administrative and technical stakeholders to gather requirements for data science use cases

  • Educated Casey’s leadership about the advantages and ROI of data analytics for their organization

  • Completed SWOT analysis to identify the deficiencies in Casey’s current data strategy and implementation capabilities. This gap analysis provided the leadership with a roadmap for implementing necessary data science resources.

  • Proposed an upgraded data science ecosystem to build and deploy data science applications.

  • Identified current talent within the organization with the capabilities to lead and sustain a significantly more advanced data science practice.


  • ProCogia provided a complete data science ecosystem to generate insights that are helping Casey achieve their five key outcomes

  • The organization’s leadership and data analytics staff developed a clear understanding of the levers and variables affecting critical child-welfare indicators

  • Casey now has the ability to autonomously implement advanced analytics to significantly advance its mission


Data Science Strategy


Diagnosis & Infrastructure

For this project we utilized the Diagnosis & Infrastructure portions of our I-DOP consulting framework.