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ProCogia helped an IOT platform company implement an IaaS Cloud solution that improved productivity and saved $500,000.

ProCogia helped an IOT platform development company adopt an IaaS Cloud solution to accelerate product development and time-to-market.  The company can now rely on an IT system that is always accessible from anywhere on any device. The firm has saved $500,000 in capital expenditure over time and increased staff productivity by approximately 100 hours per annum, per employee.


The client’s IOT platform is designed to help their customers quickly and securely deliver connected products and systems to market. They enlisted ProCogia to help them move to a new deployment model that would enable them to release products faster and incrementally. The new design had to provide a fully automated solution for development and production, and full backward compatibility with the company's existing architecture.


We used Ansible to provision all necessary Azure resources such as VNET Cloud Services and network components, as well as Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), including VM, SQL Azure and BlobStorage. Docker enabled us to streamline the software deployment process and ensure that containers provisioned via Ansible onto dedicated VMs were backward compatible.


  • Greater productivity and customer service. With anywhere-access to their IT system, staff can be more productive, spend less time traveling and deliver better customer service.
  • Peace of mind. The system is always backed up automatically, eliminating the previous need for daily backups.
  • Reduced IT cost. The Cloud solution saved the client between $400,000 and $500,000 a year.

Enhanced Client Capabilities Include:

  • Significantly fewer errors in the software stack.
  • Substantial reduction their development-turnaround times.
  • Ability to engage with their customers through the implementation of robust PoC environments.


Cloud Infrastructure



For this project we utilized the Prognosis portion of our I-DOP consulting framework.