Data Science

ProCogia performed a prescriptive impact analysis of digital assets to help a major retailer optimize customer engagement.

ProCogia’s custom demand-planning engine for US specialty retailer results in estimated annual savings of $30m to $50m.

ProCogia’s data analysis strategy helped a leading nonprofit fulfill their mission of reducing the need for child foster care.


Data Analytics

ProCogia’s analytics solutions helped a leading US mobile carrier improve voice coverage by 30%.

ProCogia helped US telecom leader optimize inventory and save $2.9m in 3 weeks.



ProCogia helped a health plan provider improve decision quality with expanded data management and visualization capabilities.


Cloud INfrastructure

ProCogia helped an IOT platform company implement an IaaS Cloud solution that improved productivity and saved $500,000.


On-Premises Data Infrastructure

ProCogia implemented an extensive data quality and assurance solution for major US retailer.


Data science strategy

ProCogia helped double the membership in the Microsoft Learning Partner program in 6 months.